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Incidence Report Form

by Faculty Administration -

Dear all,

Please find below a link to a form for incident report submission, but first read the given points:


What is an incident report?

It is a documented form that is filled out in order to record details of an unusual event that occurred at the faculty


When to use it?

When you are complaining about a specific incident or injustice example: a question outside curriculum, a sudden change in timetable, a specific incident where you were treated with injustice.

You need to address this report to a specific doctor in charge of a course, semester, phase.

you need immediate corrective actions

The incident is important, and you want it documented


How is it different from feedback?

It is never anonymous, your official email and name is recorded

It is specific to a given incident not general

It requires an urgent response or corrective action

It is directed to a specific person in charge (again not general complaints)

It includes suggestions and comments


How to submit my specific complaint:

Use the link to fill the form:

  • Write down your Name
  • Choose your academic year
  • Choose the coordinator, semester coordinator, phase coordinator or head of department you wish to send this report to.
  • Write down a detailed report of the incident
  • Submit
  • Kindly note that the report is sent to the module coordinator but also a copy is sent automatically to semester coordinator and phase coordinator to follow up the response to your complaint.

IMPORTANT announcement regarding vaccination

by Faculty Administration -
As previously announced, starting from next Sunday, November 13th, All students will not be allowed to enter the university campus without showing their vaccination certificate (electronic or paper)

Please use the link below to request your certificate of vaccination:

Faculty Administration,

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