Student support

Student support office

We all need some sort of support at certain points through our journey in study or in life. Adapting to university life might not be as easy as it seems, that is why the faculty of medicine- ASU offers a variety of support services to students through the students support center.

Academic support

Academic support

  • Some students struggle with some academic materials, if you are one of those you are in the right place to get the needed support you are welcomed to visit the center and ask for support, staff representatives in all departments are present to offer help to our students.

mental well being

Mental well-being

  • Do you feel stressed out? You have a lot of pressure, don’t worry we have all been there, studying medicine can be very stressful and students cope in different ways, but sometimes it is so stressful that it leads to actual problems like anxiety, depression or even test phobia (an irrational fear of exams).

  But don’t worry we are here to help if you feel that you have a psychological problem that is interfering with your life give us a visit at the student support office and we promise that your data and your problems will be kept secret and confidential.

  • We also offer lectures about stress management throughout the year.

Social support

Some students need financial or social support, the youth care office offers support for those students through covering university books expenses and/or study expenses for more information visit the youth care center.

Some other social support services are provided by the Student Support Center office: Mrs. Fatma.

Access-Ability center
(part of the PACES - Progression of Accessibility Centres in higher Education for Students with disabilities in North Africa – project)

The Accessibility center offers a variety of services for students who have special abilities like :

o   Vision special abilities:

  •  Errors for refraction like near-sightedness, far-sightedness or astigmatism, for those students the center offers a range of magnifying tools which can be used inside the library. Also, students are offered to choose if they want their exam papers to be printed in large fonts.

  • Color blindness students for those students the center offers a special software to help them, in arrangement with departments like pathology and histology. If you want to test yourself for color blindness, click here.

  • If you want to access any of the above-mentioned tools and services kindly register here


 o   Learning difficulties and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:

The center offers screening tests for students in cooperation with the psychiatry institute in Ain Shams university.

o   Other special abilities

If you have another special ability kindly contact us and let us know to be able to help you

Also, please report any place that is not accessible to you to try fix it for you.

Contact us

Student Support Office: at the Medical Education Development unit (MEDU) - in front of the old parasitology department


Mrs. Fatma: 01027555070

Dr. Mostafa el Shahed: 01091969628


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