Scientific activities

Scientific activities

Research opportunities are available for students to participate in, high quality research can participate in the MISR (Medical Integrated Students' Research) conference which is specialized in students research, held annually and organized by the Community, Environmental and Occupational medicine department.

Other research opportunities are available through AMSRA (Ain Shams Medical Students Research Association) and in cooperation with MASRI (Medical Ain Shams Research Institute)

Students also can participate and experience the atmosphere of international bodies like the World Health Organization in the AMWHO (Ain shams Model of World Health Organization) model.

Innovation and creativity are the heart of science, the iHub initiative was developed iHub - Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University is an extension to the iHub project, which was launched in June 2013 and based in the faculty of engineering Ain Shams University, to act as a resource for students from across the university interested in entrepreneurship and innovation. The latter offered extracurricular programs which are designed to help students think, innovate and build. The iHub resources provide a nurturing environment for students and graduates to develop their skills and ideas to reach the point of producing a final product or a prototype and it covers a wide range of disciplines

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